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Tweetdeck: Messaging, Retweeting etc

Tweetdeck makes it easy, or at least quicker, to do the usual twitter things. Most are done via the four icons that appear when you move your mouse over someone’s photo. Like this.

This is what the person’s icon/photo looks like:


Move your mouse over it and it changes to four icons:


Public message

Clicking on the top left (the left-pointing arrow) will set up a public reply (@loosewire) to that person in the message window at the top of Tweetdeck (if he cites any hashtags in his tweet they’ll be included in the message box):



Clicking the bottom left (the right-pointing arrow) will retweet the tweet in question.

You’ll first be asked whether you want to edit the retweet before sending. (This is the choice between the old style retweets and the new Twitter retweets. For more on this, go here.)


Choose the left hand one, and the message will go out as is. Choose the second option, and all the text will be copied into a new tweet, prefaced by the twitterer’s name and RT (if the message is now over 140 characters, Tweetdeck will show the message in red until you’ve truncated it):


Private message

The top right icon (the envelope) will prepare a blank private message (D loosewire, or DM loosewire):


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