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Tweetdeck: Checking out Profiles

Tweetdeck, in theory, makes it easier to research people you’re following, people following you, or people you’re interested in.

Three ways to open their profile

To check out someone from one of their tweets, click on the link below their tweet:


You can do the same thing just by clicking on a twitterer’s name anywhere in messages in Tweetdeck:


Alternatively, move the mouse over a person’s icon/picture and you’ll see four icons cover the image:


Click once on the bottom right compass icon and then on User, and then a second submenu will appear. From that submenu select View Profile:



Dissecting the profile

Doing any of these will open their profile in a new column in Tweetdeck (new columns always appear at the right hand side, so you may have to scroll across to see it):


Here you can see all the details you should need to get an idea of who they are (or say they are; remember none of the personal information is confirmed by Twitter or Tweetdeck).

At the top is their full name and in brackets their twitter name

Below their profiile image is their bio

Then a link to their website (or the website of who they’re claiming to be, or to represent, or if they’re a feed, the site where the information is sourced.)

Then location (once again, given in the profile, not always derived from GPS or other geolocational data).

Timezone. Ditto

When they joined, how many people they are following, are following them, how many updates (tweets) they’ve made, etc.

A button at the bottom will either say Unfollow (if you’re following them) or follow (if you’re not).

Next to it is a button for you to add the person to a group.

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