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Tweetdeck: The Basics


To send a tweet, click on the yello icon to the right of the tweetdeck logo and name at the top of the program window:



A  box will appear above the columns, a little like the one at twitter:


If you’ve set up more than one account, click on the account(s)  you want to send the message from. The active account(s) will be in color, the others greyed out. (You can send a message from more than one account simulataneously.)

Notice that in the right hand side of the space for typing your update, the number of remaining characters will update itself as you type:


When you’re done, hit enter or the send button at the right hand end of the box below the number of remaining characters:



Pasting and shortening links in Tweetdeck

By default any links you paste into the message will be shortened. To toggle this setting, click on the link button under the update box:


The link will be shortened and pasted into the twitter box itself:


The other options available are as follows:


Photos in your tweets


insert a picture (the picture will be uploaded to a service and a link to the photo included in the tweet)

Add location data

Clicking on the balloon icon


Will open a dialog box allowing you to add a new location or assign an old one to your tweet. (This involves using Google Gears so may be a little advanced.)

Shrinking a tweet


You’re only allowed 140 characters in a tweet, so if you type or paste in more, the window in Tweetdeck will turn red:


Clicking on the tweetshrink button will reduce the size of your tweet by replacing words like “are” with R etc:


Might not be your style, but at least you know.

Translating a tweet


Type your tweet, click on the double balloon button and select the language you’d like to translate the tweet into a number of languages.

Recent hashtags


Click on the last button and select from a drop-down menu of recent hashtags you’ve used.


Selecting one will paste it automatically into your tweet.

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