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Tweetdeck: Searching and Monitoring

Because twitter is real time, searching for stuff also means that once you’ve set up that search string it becomes an updating feed in itself.

You can use Tweetdeck to search twitter both for general keywords or search a specific twitterer (which would, for example, include all private messages you may have exchanged with them). Here’s how:

Searching all messages

To set up a search you need to open a new column or reconfigure an old one.

Searching a new column: click on the + icon


And then type in the search you want to run in the dialog box:


Your search term can be a hashtag, or any of the twitter search operators.

You can select any of your previous searches from the list below the search box.

A new column will appear on the right of your Tweetdeck window with the results:


This column will update in real time.

Reconfiguring an existing search column:

To change an existing search move your mouse over the top line of the search (the header) and an edit button will appear. Click on that.


A text box will appear beneath allowing you to alter the search terms for that column:


Click save when you’re done.

Filtering a search

If you’re looking for something in particular, try filtering the list.

Click on the intray icon at the bottom of the column


and filter by keyword:


or by name, source or time in the drop down menu on the left:


(If you want to filter out stuff, such as retweets, click on the drop down menu next to the arrow and select the minus sign. Then type in RT.)

Searching an individual twitterer’s messages

You can search an individual’s public messages and tweets through the search item on the submenu on the bottom right hand icon of the four-icon display (if that doesn’t mean anything to you, check this page out first.)


If you have more than one account in Tweetdeck you’ll be prompted for the account you wish to create the search for.

This will open a new column listing that person’s recent messages and tweets, going back a few days (and including open messages, and mentions, involving that person).


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  3. […] After your initial search it’s worth trying again occasionally – you can set up regular updates for a search using Twitter tools like Tweetdeck. […]

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