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Twitter Lists

Twitter allows you to organise those you follow into lists, which makes it easier to keep tabs on different topics, and to find new people to follow.

Adding someone you follow to a list

When you add a person to your list of people you’re following on twitter, click on the drop down menu to the right of the profile page marked Lists.

(If it’s someone already on your list, click on their icon or name in your timeline to get to their home page and do the same)


A drop-down menu will appear. If you already have some lists, they will appear first. At the bottom of the list will be an entry, New list.


Click on that and pop up box will let you add the name of the new list, a description and whether you want to make the list public.


Viewing your lists

Click on your Profile page, and you’ll see on the right hand side a list of the lists you’ve created:


Edit or delete the list by clicking on the links in the right hand corner.

To remove someone from a list, click on their name and the Lists button to the right hand side. Unselect them from the list.

Exploring other people’s lists

Exploring other people’s lists is a great way to find new people to follow.

You can check out the lists someone (including you) appears on by visiting their homepage and clicking on Listed to the right of their list of followers:


That will take you to a list of lists. Click on any of those lists, and you explore those twitterers included on that list.

Alternatively, you can follow lists directly. At the top of a list, click on the Follow this list button:


Now all messages sent by anyone on that list will appear in your timeline.



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