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Google News: Quote

Google News allows you to search for what people in the news said—and, in some cases, to be able to search back for at least seven years.

In Google News type in the person’s name and then in the results, you should see a link to Quotes in the left hand column:


(This will only happen with very well-known people who have, of course, recently said something. But it is somewhat quirky: You might get no news search results for a term, but click on the quotes link and you might get some quotes from them.)

Click  on that and you should see the result below:


The quotes are grouped together by occurrence, and listed with their date and source. The quotes themselves are in bold.

To sort the quotes by date, click on the sorted by date option on the left-hand side:


You can also narrow down the search by year. Click on the desired year in the left-hand column:


You could, for example, search for quotes by President Obama on the Gulf oil spill by typing obama oil and then clicking on the quotes link.



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