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RSS: Adding a Feed to Google Reader (1)

(This is for those websites that have a single feed, or when you only want to grab their main feed. If you’re looking at a website with multiple feeds, then check out this entry.)

When you visit a webpage with a feed, you’ll see this icon in the address bar at the top:


It’s the one on the left.

Click on it and a drop down menu will appear. It’ll be something like this:


or maybe this:


Rule of thumb: If in doubt choose the top option in most cases.

It should say something like

Subscribe to ‘[Name of website] RSS Feed’ … or Subscribe to ‘RSS 2.0’…

(Don’t worry about the 2.0, .92 etc. It’s geek stuff and not important.)  

Another page will appear with this—or something like it—at the top:


In the pull down menu after the Subscribe to this feed using bit, one of the options should be Google.

Select that one.

Check the box below to avoid having to do this every time:


Click on the Subscribe Now button.

Now you’ll be taken to a page that looks like this:


Click on the right hand button Add to Google Reader:


You may now encounter a message like this (If not, scroll down until you find the message you do get): 


(By the way If you’re not signed in to Google, then you’ll see this message)


(In which case click on the button, and enter your password if necessary)


and Google Reader will add to your collection of feeds, and return you to the page you were viewing before.

Or you may simply see a list of entries in your Google Reader with the line at the top You have subscribed to “Gadgets Page” or the name of the feed:



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  1. […] RSS: Adding a Feed to Google Reader […]

  2. […] RSS: Adding a Feed to Google Reader (1) […]

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