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Searching Delicious bookmarks

If you want to look at other people’s bookmarks, or at your own bookmarks in more detail, click on the delicious add-on icon (Cntrl+Shift+k)


Searching your own (or one user’s) bookmarks

The delicious page lets you drill down through your tags, so you can search via a combination of tags if you’re having trouble finding what you’re looking for. If you don’t have much in your own account, try mine.

You can add tags to your search by typing them in the space next to the blue arrow with the user’s name in (notice how delicious will suggest available tags based on what you’ve typed):


Or you can either click on a tag on the list on the right to add it:


As you add more tags the list of matching bookmarks will shrink until (hopefully) you find what you’re looking for:


Searching everyone’s bookmarks

Alternatively, you can use delicious like a filtered search engine to look for bookmarks other people may have saved.

User the search box in the right hand corrner.


Once again you’ll notice delicious will narrow down the list of available tags as you type:


The results will list any matches among your bookmarks first, followed by other people’s:


You can then proceed to browse or drill down through these results, by user, by popularity, by combination with other tags, by most recent.


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