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Latitude: Using It

Once you’ve set up Latitude on your phone, you’re ready to start using it.

Launch Google Maps if it’s not already running.


Go to Latitude in the Options menu.


Here you can see your list of friends


Selecting them will show them on Google Maps:


Notice that if they’ve updated their status that will be visible too: 


and add to them from your Gmail address book:


You can set your privacy:


In the map, press a key for each function as follows:

1 zoom out
2 toggle between satellite view and map view
3 zoom in
4 go to location of previous friend in list
6 go to location of next friend in list
7 traffic view (where available)
8 street view (where available)
0 your current location
* go to saved landmarks
# list of friends

use the button at the centre of the upper keypad to move around the map.

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