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A few years ago the best way to manage your digital identity would have been to create a personal blog or a website with your name (bobsmith.com). Now there’s a simpler way: LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the easiest way to present a professional face to the world that is as tightly bound to your employer, or primary outlets, as you want it to be. It can be updated and changed easily. It’s free. It tends to score highly on Google, meaning that it’s likely to be found on a Google search. And it serves several other functions, including connecting to sources and maintaining a network of colleagues, employers, sources and readers.

As an editor or employer it’s smart to encourage your staff to have profiles on LinkedIn. For one thing it raises the profile of your organization. Since users of LinkedIn can search for people by several variables, including company, the page the lists the results of a search of your company will appear as a de facto snapshot of your company.

For journalists, then, LinkedIn is a valuable tool to

  • control their visibility and profile online
  • research stories
  • find contacts

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