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ShoZu: Changing Your Settings

This is useful if you want to change the default settings for filing photographs, so you can add a title, caption and/or tags.

Go to your home screen by pressing the bottom right hand green button on your phone until the screen looks something like this:


Move the cursor on your phone over the orange ShoZu logo which should be in the left-hand top portion of your home screen. (If it’s not, try your applications folder.) Click on it.

You should be taken to your ShoZu page, listing your account(s). Your team WordPress account should already be registered. It will look a little like this:


There are two a few settings you may need or want to change. Firstly, whether the software automatically sends your photos or videos, whether it checks with you first (recommended), or whether it does nothing.

To change this, move the cursor over the Team blog, and click on the left hand Options button. From there select Go to  and then Settings:


You’ll be taken to a page like this:


Click on Sending and then you’ll be taken to this page:


I’d recommend selecting Ask before Sending for both videos and photos, and Reduced for web for the Upload size (unless someone else is paying your phone bill: it can get steep.)

Another thing you may want to change is whether you add details to your photos before you send them. To change this, go back to the page with your Team blog listed:


and then again select Options. This time, however, choose the More actions option, and then Add details on option (unless it’s Add details off), in which case you don’t need to change anything.


You’ll be prompted with this message. Select Yes:


Next time you take a picture you’ll be prompted to add a title, caption and tags. This is useful if you’re filing direct to the blog.

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