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How to Send a Photo and Text From Your Phone

(Using a Nokia N95 phone, though the process is usually similar with most such phones)

Open the lens cover to activate the phone camera software, or press the camera shutter:


Take the photo:


Open the Message application


Create a new message


choosing the Multimedia message option


Select the email address you want to send the message to, either by typing it or selecting it from your contact list (give the contact a name starting with A or Aa to speed things up:


Click Options and select Image from Insert object:


Select the photo you want to send:


The photo will appear in the body of your message:


Enter a headline or text into the subject field that will mean something to your editor and a caption or other information into the text body above the photo. Don’t forget to add your name to the message because the email won’t include your name in the from address)


From Options choose Send (or just hit the green button):


Your message should arrive as an email shortly afterwards:


(Note that the email from address is your phone number, followed by your operator’s domain. The recipient can’t usually reply to the message, but they could take the number from the email address and send a confirmation SMS.)

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