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How to Connect Your Phone to a Computer

Install the Nokia PC Suite software (usually via CD ROM. Alternatively, download the software via this link)

Follow the on-screen instructions. (You’ll need to find the USB socket on your computer and have the Nokia phone cable handy.)

Once that’s done, attach the phone to the computer using the cable provided.

The short end goes into the bottom of the N95:


The big end goes into your computer’s USB port (it won’t look exactly like this.)


Windows will install the necessary drivers.

When the two devices are connected, a list of options will appear on your phone. select PC Suite mode:


Launch the Nokia PC Suite:


An icon will appear in the system tray in the bottom right hand corner, which will be gray when the phone isn’t connected, and blue when it is:


Click on the Nokia PC Suite tab:


You should see a window like this:


That’s it.

4 Responses

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  2. […] How to Connect Your Phone to a Computer […]

  3. grace says:

    With the development of science and technology, now it is much easier to connect my smart phone to a computer.

  4. Amaan Systems says:

    how to install please details

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