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Mobile Phones

This module covers some of the different ways you can connect yourself to the office in order to get your stories, photos, video or sound back to the desk.

Your phone should be the core of this effort, and can help in you different ways:

  • Phoning the desk and dictating copy;
  • Phoning the desk and leaving the line open so the desk can hear and transcribe speech;
  • Sending copy by SMS;
  • Sending copy by email;
  • Sending links to online material (press releases, background information) to the desk;
  • Sending photographs (and video and/or audio) via MMS. Take photographs of documents using the close-up feature on your camera phone. (Services like scanR will clean up a photo and ‘scan’ it, delivering the document as a PDF or text file via email.)
  • Using videocall or streaming video services like ComVu to send video direct to the desk.

You could also use your laptop if you have Internet access. Options include:

  • WiFi
  • Using your phone as a modem, connecting it to your laptop either via cable or Bluetooth.
  • Alternatively, install a USB dongle for mobile Internet access (HSPA, HSUPA, HSDPA).

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