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How to Use Gmail with Lotus Notes

Here’s how to access your Lotus Notes email in Gmail.

(I’ve not tried this, and please check with your technical staff to see whether this doesn’t conflict with company policy. These links are provided as a courtesy; Converged Media neither recommends nor provides instruction in these approaches, and cannot be held responsible for any problems arising therefrom.)

There are several options here.

  1. Just forward your Lotus Notes emails to Gmail. This would (I believe) keep a copy of the original email in your Lotus Notes program, which may or may not be a good thing. Also, for some reason, all emails forwarded in this way lose their formatting. This means you should be able to see new incoming mail but not your old mail, but you’d have copies of your old mail still in your account.
  2. Moving your whole Lotus Notes mailbox, including folders into Gmail. Here’s how. (Not for the faint-hearted.) (Another version is here.)  This would mean you’d have all your old emails in Gmail.
  3. You may possibly be able to have Gmail check your Lotus Notes email account for you. This would mean you should be able to access your new incoming mail from Gmail, but not your old mail. Here are some instructions.

Here are some other bits and pieces you may find useful.

  • A tool for moving all your Lotus Notes contacts to Gmail. (It costs.)
  • You can send email from Gmail so it looks as if it has been sent from any account, including your Lotus Notes account. Instructions here (scroll down to the bottom.)

If you have any useful tips or warnings to share about this, please email me.

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