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Set up an account at WordPress.com.

Set up a blog (or another one if you have one):

  • You need to come up with a unique name for the blog domain (convergedmedia.wordpress.com, for example) that doesn’t already exist. This is not the title of your blog, but it is the address people will have to type in the address bar to find it.)  You won’t be able to change this later.
  • Then give it a title: this you can change at any time, and will just appear on the page itself.
  • Select a language. This is the language of the blog, not of your interface.
  • Choose whether you want this blog to be indexed on Google etc so other people can find it. Your blog will be visible anyway, but if the search engines can’t find it, chances are no one else can either:


Once you’ve set up your blog you’ll see a strip across the top of your browser with pull-down menus. So long as you’re signed in to WordPress.com you’ll be able to navigate around your blog’s administration site via this toolbar:




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