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Blog Basics 5: Posting to Your Blog from Your Cellphone

Set up your blog first so you can post via an email address. Take a photo if your phone has a camera and then store it in your phone.

Then you need to create an email or an MMS message, depending on your phone’s configuration. How to do this will vary from phone to phone. This is how to do it on a Nokia N95 phone.

Back in the contact list click on Options and Create Message:


and then Multimedia message:


In the subject field add a title for your post and add some text in the text field:


If you want to insert a picture scroll to the end of the text and then select Insert Object from the Options menu, and then Image:


Select a picture and then it will appear in your message below the text you’ve entered:


When you’re ready to send the post, click on the green button or Options and then Send:


When the message is being sent you should see a little icon in the top right hand corner looking like an in tray:


Once the message has been sent the icon will disappear:


Check your blog to see if the message has appeared, either by typing in the address, or on the View Blog link on your settings page:


If the message didn’t appear, try again by going into the Message menu and scrolling down to the Sent option:


Open the message you sent, and click on Options and then Forward:


Insert the email address from your Contacts list and then send it again.

If you need to edit the post once it has appeared on the blog, just click on the pencil icon below the post:


The post will appear in the same editing window you used in Posting to Your Blog.

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  2. […] Posting to Your Blog from Your Cellphone […]

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