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Image editing: Saving Screenshots

To take a snapshot of a screen, hit the Print Screen key (sometimes called PrtSc or something similar. It’s usually in the top right of the keyboard somewhere.)

That will copy the screen image to your clipboard. (Alt/PrtSc will copy only the active window.

To save it as an image, open the Paint program in the accessories sub menu.

Then hit Control V or Edit/Paste.

Save it as a GIF or JPG file (scroll down the Save as.. menu).

If you want to reduce the size, or crop the edges, click on the selection icon (the dotted line box in the left hand palette).

Drag it around the area you want to crop to.

Then selected Edit/Copy to…

Save as a GIF or JPG file.

Now the image is ready to be inserted into your blog.

Alternatively, you could use a Firefox plug in like Screengrab or Fireshot.



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