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About This Site

Converged Media is a resource used in journalism training and teaching. It is maintained by Jeremy Wagstaff, a journalist with 25 years of experience at the BBC, Reuters, the Far Eastern Economic Review and The Wall Street Journal. He now runs a consultancy, The Loose Wire Organisation, out of Singapore.

How to use this site

Tasks are divided into individual pages, illustrated by screenshots. Don’t click on the screenshots–they’re just there to give you an idea of what to expect on your screen. The top of the right hand column will contain the modules you’ll be covering in your course. These contain links to the specific tasks. Alternatively, you can find the same pages by scrolling down through the middle column.

Although this website is specifically configured for Loose Wire courses, it’s free to all and others are welcome to use the material and exercises on this website. All material is copyright of Loose Wire Pte Ltd, unless otherwise stated.

Converged Media is part of the Loose Wire collection of websites.

I’d like to thank the following who have contributed to Converged Media courses over the past three years:

  • Edward Yong, a contributor to Wikipedia
  • Jussi Edlund of SuperShapes
  • Kiat Lim of Arigin
  • Jon Petersen of SinGeo
  • Olaf Lohmann of ComVu
  • Darius Cheung of tencube
  • Premesh Chandran of malaysiakini

And, for generously lending equipment and other resources:



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